54,000 mAH solar battery charger
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54,000 mAH solar battery charger

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  • Oversized power supply; storage capacity is two times than notebook computer.  streamline design, small size, and light weight, easy to carry out.
  • Wide range of application: can support MP3/MP4/IPOD/PSP game/mobile phone/PDA/CD player/ GPS / digital camera / digital camera / Notebook / APPLE Macbook and other electronic products.
  • Exclusive output voltage regulator functionality, stable pressure drop "3%, which can protect your electronic products, extend the service life.
  • Product temperature is low, excellent low-power path design, energy conversion efficiency >"94%, can up to 96.4%, the highest performance of similar products at present. When working, the temperature is low and there is no cooling fin inside. However, if there is no capacity in the laptop battery, it can support the laptop work and charge immediately.
  • Shell: Environmental ABS & PC & Explosion-proof and flame-retardant material. Super high safety performance
  • Exclusive market up to 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 16, 19,22 V, 24V output, 2 into nine functional design
  • We have the exclusive maximum output in the market -24V 4A 96 Watt, can support large trucks battery recharge
  • Exclusive voltage foolproof design, you cannot switch voltage during using, resulting in voltage does not match, resulting in damage to your valuable electronic products.
  • It hasExclusive turn up to support commercially available connector.
  • Built-in short circuit, over charge, over discharge, Multiple protections,etc ...
  • With 16 adapters which suitable for a variety of Notebook products.
  • Use of high-energy polymer lithium battery, the working environment temperature -10 °C to +70 °C, high security, no risk of explosion.
  • Cycle life is more than 500 times
  • SunPower Solar panel (made in USA): High-efficiency Polysilicon solar panel, conversion rate " > 22%, normal life" >20 years.




  • Lithium ion polymer Battery capacity- 3.7V  54000 mA/h (200W/h)
  • Output voltage-USB 5V,3/6/9/12/16/19/22/24V(optional) 
  • Output current-1A/3V, 2A/5/6/9/12V, 4A/16/19/22/24V )
  • Charge voltage- 100~240V AC/DC,
  • Charging time-<3 hours    
  • Electric eye dimension-235mmx145mm 
  • Peak power supplied by photocell-4W 
  • Material of electric eye - multi-crystal silicon solar 
  • High solar energy convert efficiency- over than >16%

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